I have planned a few things to prepare for Internship in the Fall:

  • I am reading the texts they will be studying (To Kill a Mockingbird, Macbeth, Frankenstein) 
  • Getting access to her previous lesson plans so I can see what to expect
  • Reading as much material as possible about beginning to teach
  • Reading as much as possible for the other classes I will be taking at the same time (Read up on basics of theories for my lit crit class, and reading some of the selections for Arthurian tradition)

Does anyone know of anything else I should be doing to prepare?

  1. iamshick answered: Inward reflection on your strengths and weaknesses can’t hurt. Make sure you know what you can bring to the classroom and what needs work.
  2. mournfulblis answered: prepare for the unexpected
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    I wish her luck.
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    My three suggestions: Create a classroom management plan. Start by discussing your cooperating teacher’s routines and...
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